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Our Technology

MemVerge is delivering the world’s first Memory-Converged Infrastructure (MCI) system, built with proprietary Distributed Memory Objects (DMO) technology. DMO technology provides a logical convergence layer that harnesses Intel’s new Optane DC persistent memory to let data-centric workloads run flawlessly at memory speed. Offering large-scale memory and sub-microsecond response time, MemVerge does not require a change in the application programming model.

MemVerge solves a massive problem in the era of machine-generated data. Enterprises using DMO can now train AI models faster, analyze bigger datasets, complete more queries in less time and run complex workloads more predictably with fewer resources.

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MemVerge opens up new possibilities to realize enhanced AI performance.

Deepak Agarwal,
VP of AI, LinkedIn

The memory-speed processing power of MemVerge’s Memory Converged Infrastructure has proven unique value in accelerating speed of OLAP services

Long Wang,
Vice President of Tencent Cloud and General Manager of Big Data and AI Services

MemVerge has exceeded our expectations.

Dennis Weng,
Vice President of Big Data,

Join Our Beta Program

MemVerge is excited to begin our Beta Program.

As a Beta customer, you will be testing our pre-released Memory-Converged Infrastructure system. Powered by Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, DMO expands the memory size and accelerates storage I/O at the same time without changing application programming models.

DMO supports data-intensive workloads such as AI, machine learning (ML), big data analytics, IoT and data warehouse. Please sign up at the right to request additional information about joining our Beta Program.

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