Opening the Door to Big Memory

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This Webinar Introduces a New Wave of Computing: Big Memory Computing

Memory has been a wonderfully fast but scarce computing resource. This scarcity has resulted in major constraints that prevent applications from processing large amount of real-time data effectively.

These constraints are being removed by a new way of computing: Big Memory Computing. Today, the confluence of persistent memory and Big Memory software makes memory abundant, persistent and highly available. Together, they promise to make the IT world stop, think, and change the way applications are developed and deployed. Join us in opening the door to Big Memory. Watch replay of webinar.


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Big Memory Webcast Team

Eric Burgener Kristie Mann Brett Roscoe
Vice President Research
 Sr. Director, Optane DC Persistent Memory Products Vice President of Product Management


Charles FanKevin Tubbs, Ph.D.Darrell Westbury
Co-Founder & CEOSenior VP Strategic SolutionsSr. Director of High Performance Hosting Services