Memory Machine™

Enterprise-Class Memory Virtualization Software

Key Features & Benefits

  • Virtualize to form a platform for enterprise-class data services – Persistent Memory Machine virtualizes DRAM and Persistent Memory so that data in-memory can be accessed, tiered, scaled, and protected.


  • Plug-compatible access with existing applications – Memory Machine provides access to persistent memory without changes to applications. It looks like DRAM to your apps.


  • Tier Persistent Memory and DRAM for optimum performance – Memory Machine creates a DRAM “fast tier” and a PMEM “persistent tier”.


  • Low-latency memory replication – For apps like Pub/Sub, Memory Machine uses RDMA to publish high volumes of messages to remote subscribers with ultra-low latency.


  • Recover hundreds of GB in seconds with ZeroIO memory snapshots – To protect large memory blast zones, Memory Machine provides memory snapshot & replication for lightning-fast crash recovery that requires zero IO to storage.


  • Clone databases in seconds – Snapshots can be used for developers and other applications to clone terabyte database instances while sharing existing memory.

For the Expanding Universe of Real-Time Apps

According to IDC, real-time data was less than 5% of all data in 2015 but is projected to comprise almost 30% of all data by 2024. They project that by 2021, 60-70% of the Global 2000 will have at least one mission-critical real-time workload.

This Big Bang of real-time data is driving the expansion of real-time analytics and AI/ML applications into the mainstream. Another result is real-time applications are out-pacing the capacity, performance, and availability capabilities of in-memory infrastructure.

MemVerge responds to the need for a modern in-memory computing model with Memory Machine, the first in the new class of Big Memory software that virtualizes DRAM and persistent memory so that memory can be accessed without code changes, scale-out in clusters to provide the capacity needed by real-time analytics and AI/ML apps, and deliver enterprise-class data services for high-availability.


Memory Machine is a Linux-based software subscription deployed on a single server or in a cluster. Once DRAM and persistent memory are virtualized, Memory Machine can set-up DRAM as a “fast” tier for persistent memory and provide enterprise-class data services including snapshots, replication, cloning and recovery.


Validated Applications

KXkdb+Time-series in-memory database
AutodeskMaya3D animation and rendering‎
Apache Software FoundationSparkCluster-computing framework
Redis LabsRedisIn-memory key–value database
Apache Software FoundationTensorFlowMachine learning framework
Open SourcePyTorchMachine learning framework
Apache Software FoundationFlinkStream processing framework
Apache Software FoundationXGBoostGradient Boosting framework
HazelcastHazelcastIn-memory data grid
Apache Software FoundationCassandraWide column store, NoSQL database
Apache Software FoundationRocksDBPersistent key value database
Apache Software FoundationHBaseNon-relational distributed database
GNUMySQLRelational database management system
BSDMemcacheDIn-memory key-value database
CustomerCustomMarket data streaming
CustomerCustomReal-time order management


Supported Environment

HardwareSecond Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, formerly Cascade Lake, with Optane DCPM memory
Operating SystemsCentOS version 8.1, 8.0 (with kernel version 4.18 or 4.20), 7.6, 7.5, or 7.4, RHEL Version 8.1, 8.0, 7.6, 7.5, or 7.4
HypervisorsLinux KVM, VMware ESXi running on above HW (vSphere 6.7, 7.0)
ContainersDocker, OpenShift, and Kubernetes